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FoCM 2023 Conference in Paris CRIMAC
Published 26.06.2023 - Updated 26.06.2023

PhD Student Attends FoCM 2023 Conference in Paris, France

I am delighted to share my experience attending the Foundations of Computational Mathematics (FoCM) conference held in Paris, France. As the 9th edition of the conference, it follows a series of successful meetings that began with the idea of FoCM in Park City back in 1995. Subsequent conferences took place in Rio de Janeiro (1997), Oxford (1999), Minneapolis (2002), Santander (2005), Hong Kong (2008), Budapest (2011), Montevideo (2014), and Barcelona (2017).

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HI 042763
Published 11.09.2023 - Updated 11.09.2023

PhD fellowships in marine acoustics

CRIMAC has available two PhD fellowships in marine acoustics, located at Department of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen (UiB), Bergen, Norway. Both PhD fellows will collaborate closely with the Ecosystem Acoustics group at Institute of Marine Research (IMR). This is a great opportunity to work in a world-leading scientific group, with a collegial and professionally stimulating working environment.

Both positions have now been filled, with start-up in September 2023.

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Crimac Geilo Winter school
Published 08.02.2023 - Updated 08.02.2023

The 23rd edition of the Geilo Winter School

The Geilo Winter School is an annual event that provides researchers with a unique opportunity to learn from lectures, collaborate and exchange ideas and experiences. This year, the 23rd edition of the Geilo Winter School was held from January 22 - January 27, 2023, on the topic of Computational Statistics.

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crimac 2021
Published 30.06.2022 - Updated 30.06.2022

Out now: CRIMAC Annual Report 2021

2021 was the first full year for SFI CRIMAC. Despite the pandemic, the center has been able to progress well. The annual report for 2021 is now published and can be accessed here (pdf).

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maskinlæring og havforskning
Published 05.10.2021 - Updated 20.10.2021

New essay in Journal of Technology: Marchine learning + marine science

This essay outlines how we use machine learning in marine science in Norway. CRIMAC is collaborating with Visual Intelligence SFI where the Norwegian Computing centre and the University of Tromsø are partners on using machine learning on the vast amounts of data from modern echo sounders.

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Published 09.08.2021 - Updated 09.08.2021

CRIMAC August highlight

In this newsletter, project manager Nils Olav Handegard gives an overview of recent CRIMAC activities.

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HI 039133
Published 01.12.2020 - Updated 14.06.2021

Kongsberg's Full Picture Magazine: Tuning in to the sounds of the sea

Kongsberg is strengthening its long-standing relationship with Norway’s Institute of Marine Research by becoming a major partner in the new CRIMAC centre – bringing industry and science together to improve the monitoring of marine ecosystems and develop state-of-the-art tools to expand the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.

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