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Geir Pedersen presenterer ett av CRIMAC sine tre bidrag til ICES 2024 WGFAST-møtet. 

CRIMAC contributions to the ICES WGFAST meeting

The meeting was organized by the ICES Working Group on fisheries acoustics, science and technology. The meeting was hosted by IRD and IFREMER in Brest. The WGFAST community is an excellent venue for presenting and discussing topics related to fisheries acoustics.

Geir Pedersen presented the work on “Behaviour and platform dependent broadband backscattering by physostome fish (Clupea harengus L.) revisited”. Babak Khodabandeloo presented the work on “Effects of pulse duration on nonlinear crosstalk in wideband backscattering measurements”. Nils Olav Handegard presented the results from testing the Sounder USV from the CRIMAC survey last year. In addition to the CRIMAC presentations Rolf J. Korneliussen presented the latest updates from the LSSS project and Hector Pena presented the latest development in using fisheries sonar.

We are grateful to “Havforskerlaget” for travelling stipend for Geir and Babak.