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PhD Student Attends FoCM 2023 Conference in Paris, France

I am delighted to share my experience attending the Foundations of Computational Mathematics (FoCM) conference held in Paris, France. As the 9th edition of the conference, it follows a series of successful meetings that began with the idea of FoCM in Park City back in 1995. Subsequent conferences took place in Rio de Janeiro (1997), Oxford (1999), Minneapolis (2002), Santander (2005), Hong Kong (2008), Budapest (2011), Montevideo (2014), and Barcelona (2017).

The FoCM conference brings together mathematicians from various disciplines to explore the intersection of mathematics and computation. The event is organized with plenary talks in the mornings and parallel workshops in the afternoons. Each workshop is held during one of the three three-day periods of the conference. The inclusive nature of FoCM encourages participants to attend talks in different workshops and engage in interdisciplinary discussions.

During my time at FoCM 2023, I had the opportunity to present a poster titled "Similarity-Based Data Selection to Improve Automatic Acoustic Target Classification." This research is an integral part of my PhD project in Applied Mathematics at UiB, which is carried out in collaboration with the CRIMAC project at IMR. The poster session allowed me to share my findings and receive valuable feedback from the attendees.

I chose to attend the Stochastic Computation and Machine Learning workshops, which provided a stimulating environment for exchanging ideas and staying updated on the latest developments in the field. The workshops were organized in parallel with other sessions, allowing participants to tailor their conference experience based on their interests.

Reflecting on my experience, it was inspiring to be surrounded by researchers and experts who share a passion for computational mathematics. The FoCM conference served as a platform for intellectual growth, fostering new connections and opening doors to potential collaborations.

In conclusion, attending FoCM 2023 was a remarkable opportunity to present my research, learn from leading experts, and immerse myself in the vibrant academic community. I am grateful for the support provided by the CRIMAC project and UiB in enabling my participation in this significant even