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EROS AS is a fishing company based in Fosnavaag with a history going back to 1917. Todays «Eros» is the seventh carrying the same name. The vessel is a 77 metre modern pelagic trawler/purse seiner fishing for Herring, Mackerel, Capelin and Blue Whiting in the North Atlantic, Norwegian Sea, North Sea and Barents Sea.

«Eros» is equipped with a drop keel and echo sounders/sonars for doing scientific research and has over the last 15 years been employed both by the Norwegian Marine Institute and the Greenland Nature Institute on a number of research trips. The vessel has an experienced crew with more than 20 years fishing experience. Eros AS is also operating the pelagic trawler «Herøyfjord» and is involved in the white fish business being the majority shareholder of the factory trawler «Ramoen» producing fresh frozen fillets of Cod, Haddock and Saithe for the Norwegian and International markets.

Our obligation to the consortium is to test acoustic sonars and echo sounders in a real fishery and in specific surveys when hired as a research survey by CRIMAC. Improved quality in such instruments will make the fisheries more efficient as it put the industry in a better position with respect to selecting the correct fish species, estimation of the biomass, size of the fish and movement of the fish prior to shooting the fishing gear.