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Liegruppen, located in Øygarden outside the city of Bergen has been in the fishing industry for more than 120 years. Liegruppen has throughout its history always had a strong focus on development and innovation in fisheries as well as in vessel construction.

Today the company are operating 3 purse seiners/pelagic trawlers. One of them – MS Libas is the world’s most environmentally friendly fishing vessel. In addition, Liegruppen have one more “green” vessel under construction. MS Libas, delivered in march 2021 is the first purse seiner/pelagic trawl vessel using primary LNG when sailing, saving the environment for significant CO2 and NOX-emission. MS Libas is also constructed and well equipped for doing scientific research. It is planned to use MS Libas in the CRIMAC-project.

Liegruppens role in the CRIMAC project is to test acoustic sonars and echo sounders in fishery. Improved quality of such instruments will make the fisheries more efficient and sustainable.

Liegruppen fishery are employing about 50 fishermen/crew in addition to 7 persons in the office.