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SalMar Aker Ocean

Salmar ASA is a Norwegian aquaculture company listed on the Oslo Euronext. Our product is Atlantic salmon, and we have aquaculture activities in Norway, Scotland, and the Westfjords of Iceland. Salmar is the world's second-largest producer of Atlantic salmon. In 2022, Salmar delivered 193,700 tons of salmon.

Salmar is continuously working to improve their biological results, including the development of new production technology, to address challenges related to our environmental footprint and location challenges. Through our subsidiaries Arctic Offshore Farming (AOF) and Ocean Farming (OF), organized under SalMar Aker Ocean (SAO), two new production technologies are being developed, which are suitable for more exposed sea areas and for offshore aquaculture.

There is a lot happening in instrumentation for monitoring the aquaculture environment and fish. Having good observations and measurements of the environment, fish growth, behavior, and health status provides better decision-making support. This is a desired development for scaling up offshore aquaculture units and for submerged farming, such as in AOF.

New instruments and methods developed in the CRIMAC program may be suitable for salmon and trout farming, and our interest is to test this in commercial/full-scale aquaculture units in Salmar, especially instrumentation that can contribute to success in exposed aquaculture and offshore aquaculture.

We are proud to be a partner in the CRIMAC program. For more information about the company, please visit